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Amanda read a series of opinion blog posts today and was intrigued by the viewpoints of the author, who wrote about her

On September 18, 2020, Amanda was honored with a very important phone call that lasted two hours. Amanda wrote a detailed blog

Last week, we missed an important milestone. On Monday, October 12, 2020 was the 44th anniversary of Joy of Motion dance studios.

Happy Christopher Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day! However you choose to remember this special day in our nation’s history, we hope

Are you familiar with the natural phenomenon of geysers? Geysers are springs of water that occasionally spout upward with a violent force,

Over the weekend, Amanda sat down and hashed through a first rough draft of her last day of visiting Joy of Motion

While the Socci family is working on multiple book writing projects simultaneously, it makes sense for us to start adding updates with

Amanda had been swishing around the idea of writing a book and publishing it for a long time, sort of like minty