About Amanda M. Socci

Amanda is a freelance writer, idea enthusiast, avid recycler, and inventor of tons of cool ideas. She is also a dedicated mother and queen of domestic chores.

Amanda founded SocciBooks.com in April 2020, just as the pandemic had started. God was at the heart of this decision, as he has been with many other things. Buying the domain name and setting up this website reflected Amanda’s deep and personal desires.

Since the age of ten, Amanda has been wanting to write a book and become a published book author. For many reasons, it never happened. However, the pandemic was a time of reflection and nervous anxiety. By creating this website and putting it out into the public, all of a sudden there was accountability mixed with a healthy dose of fear and excitement.

Please keep checking back as Amanda continues with her journey towards book publication. More information on this will be forthcoming.

Best known for?

Being known as the Creative Idea Gal.

Since the age of four, Amanda has tapped into her unique insight by choosing to come up with original, sometimes bizarre, though always creative ideas.

For many years, Amanda has boldly announced an uncanny ability to come up with 1,000 ideas on any topic . . . and has proven it by tackling diverse creative projects, resulting in a gigantic portfolio.

To Amanda’s family and those who are close to her, Amanda is best known for sacrificing it all for the sake of creativity. She goes through great lengths to bring the highest levels of imagination, original thinking, and creativity to every aspect of what she does.

Making connections in writing

When it comes to writing, Amanda is best known for making unusual connections in writing.

This includes, but is not limited to:


Books in progress

To date, Amanda has finished writing three nonfiction books. She has finished the first round of edits and plans to give them to a professional editor soon.

More information on this is forthcoming.