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June 2022 - Pride Month

In the June 2022 issue, we focus on Pride Month, with editorials about:

  • Gaston Blanco from Springfield, Virginia who wears a full face of makeup.
  • Homosexuality and the Catholic church.
  • Dignity Washington, a Washington, D.C.-based membership organization that offers Catholic church services
  • Dave Dooley, from Woodbridge, Virginia, who feels fulfilled as a gay man.
  • Chris Kuchnicki, from Falls Church, Virginia, who survived child abuse.
  • The Capital Pride Parade and Capital Pride Festival, both major LGBTQIA celebrations in Washington, D.C.


May 2022 - Asian culture, mothers

In the May 2022 issue, we talk about the distinct topics of Asian culture plus mothers, with editorials about:

  • A cool way to celebrate Earth Day with the Washington Nationals professional baseball team, from Washington, D.C.
  • Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with the powerhouse efforts of a Vietnamese woman from Alexandria, Virginia, Chi-Lan Vu – activist, community service volunteer, and out-of-the-box thinker.
  • An In Memoriam tribute to Florence King, formerly from Alexandria, Virginia. A beautiful soul who touched many people with her sincere consumer education and community-building efforts.

April 2022 - Spring and all things new

In the April 2022 issue, we focus on the theme of spring and new things, with editorials about:

  • Fun summer camps and outdoor camps throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.
  • The return of the National Cherry Blossom Festival parade in Washington, D.C.
  • Francesca Almeida, a high school senior from Alexandria, Virginia leading the inspiring Purple Tutu ballet program to benefit children with Down syndrome and all special needs.
  • The FRIENDS TM Experience located at Metro Center at the old Woodie’s building in Washington, D.C.

March 2022 - Women rule breakers

In the March 2022 issue, we focus on the theme of women rule breakers. In this issue, you will find editorials about:

  • Erica Kraft from Alexandria, Virginia who has taken on the role of advocate on behalf of her daughter who has Down syndrome.
  • Jenna Levine Liu from Germantown, Maryland who combines sex and class to unite mothers through an effective group.
  • Paula Campbell from Waldorf, Maryland who is living a great life with peace and calm.

February 2022 - About Alexandria, Virginia

In the February 2022 issue, the theme is interesting people from Alexandria, Virginia. In this issue, you will find editorials about:

  • Special needs students from the Earl L. Pulley Career Center in the Fairfax County Public Schools system in Alexandria, Virginia operate a café.
  • Shakina and Dawud Rawlings from Alexandria, Virginia choose to do things together.
  • A group of devout Spanish-speaking Catholics from Alexandria, Virginia planned a celebration to honor the Blessed Mother on her birthday.

January 2022 - Positive energies

In the January 2022 issue, we celebrate the beginning of the new year with a focus on positive energies. In this issue, you will find editorials about:

  • Liza Uddin, a shy visual artist from Alexandria, Virginia who creates bold art to connect with the emotions of her audience.
  • Changes in a personal schedule which caused health problems and were later improved.
  • Rocky Parrish, a sneaker entrepreneur from Alexandria, Virginia who was born with business wings. What has he done with them?
  • Chan Sohan, an Indian princess from Stafford, Virginia, whose devotion to her Hindu gods paved the way to a beautiful friendship Facebook and real-life friendship.

December 2021 - Hope

In the December 2021 issue, the theme is hope, represented by many things. In this issue, you’ll find editorials about:

  • Small businesses doing well throughout the pandemic such as My Gym in Bethesda and Potomac in Maryland as well as ROCKDEEP in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • DC Holiday lights throughout Washington, D.C.
  • Torcuato Zamora, a maestro in guitar playing who specializes in Flamenco music, from Silver Spring, Maryland.
  • Inspiring hope for LGBTQIA young adults.

November 2021 - Gratitude

In the November 2021 issue, the theme is gratitude. In this issue, you will find editorials about:

  • Gratitude for foreign languages – Fairfax County public schools as well as private providers including Whole Kids Academy in Rockville, Maryland and Lango Kids in Springfield, Virginia provide exciting language immersion programs for children.
  • Gratitude for big game –Mike Jones, the president of the Virginia Peninsula Sportsmen’s Association, loves hunting, preserving his harvest, and displaying them. Find out why hunters are grateful for big game.
  • Community input – This is a new section that captures the answers to questions provided by members of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

October 2021 - Creative strength

In the October 2021 issue, the theme is creative strength. People go through trials and tribulations, but they are strong in creative ways. In this issue, you will find editorials about:

  • Zarmina Hamidi, a local parent from Aldie, Virginia was selected to play a small role as an Afghan mother on the nationally televised show “United States of Al.”
  • Martha Acosta from Alexandria, Virginia who is working hard to make opening a Mexican restaurant a reality. A perfect way to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage month.
  • The Surf Jaguars, a band made up of seven members from Maryland and Virginia. Find out how they bring back the 1960s through surf music!

September 2021 - Togetherness

In the September 2021 issue, the theme is togetherness. How are people together? In this issue, you will find editorials about:

  • Family adventures in bowfishing – Follow along the adventures of a family from Stafford, Virginia as they go bowfishing in the Potomac River!
  • Ryland Harris – #RylandStrong represents a movement to honor a young man from western Prince William County who had brain cancer.
  • Travis Stauch – Get to know this exciting bowfisherman from Springfield, Virginia who has a funny side and a serious side.

August 2021 - The beginning

In the August 2021 issue, the theme is togetherness. How are people together? In this issue, you will find editorials about:

  • Paige Powell, a singer and songwriter from Alexandria, Virginia who has successfully learned to write and publish her own songs.
  • Marianne Fahmy, a home baker from Ellicott City, Maryland who taught herself how to bake and is sure to incorporate love into everything she does.
  • A duo of an amazing male Asian actor, Jacob Yeh, cast as the role of God in “An Act of God” and a female Vietnamese director, Tuyet Thi Pham, who brought this play to life at the NextStop Theater in Herndon, Virginia.