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DMV Shorts Magazine

DMV Shorts Magazine

How it All Started

In the summer of 2021, Amanda came up with the idea of “possibly” publishing a magazine that dealt with her local area. She was in New Jersey at the time, vacationing with her family. “A magazine was going to be a lot of work,” thought Amanda. But on the other hand, there was so much material left on the cutting room floor from Amanda’s freelance writing career that was prime for publication.

For almost two weeks, Amanda thought seriously about the mechanics of starting up another magazine. She had successfully founded and published a magazine in 1998, so she knew she could do it, but this time felt different. Amanda wanted to go bigger and do different things. decided to go full steam ahead. Eventually, Amanda got the courage to move ahead and began quickly gathering ideas for the first issue and pursuing sources to interview. She was incredibly excited to see new creative visions come to fruition.

After a challenging time trying to write, edit, photograph, design, and lay out a full-scale magazine, DMV Shorts Magazine was officially born! On August 19, 2021, Amanda published her very first issue of a creative labor of love. 

July 2022 – December 2023

Amanda went through a long period of difficulties in her personal life. Amanda stepped away from DMV Shorts Magazine to focus on her family and working through personal problems.

January 2024!

Time does heal all wounds. With new courage and a steel resolve to publish DMV Shorts Magazine once again, Amanda laid out plans to research, write, and publish back issues through 2024.

This is a work-in-progress!

First issue of DMV Shorts - August 2021

DMV August cover
SB image layout

Editorials from the August issue

The August 2021 debut issue of DMV Shorts Magazine ended up being a great success! Amanda researched, met with, and interviewed great people to appear in the first issue.

Paige Powell

Singer songwriter from Alexandria, Virginia

The cover model for the first issue was the illustrious Paige Powell, whose fascinating song “Tumble Dry Low” actually connected her with JImmy Fallon.

Marianne Fahmy

Home baker from Ellicott City, Maryland

With family from Egypt and a close connection  to the Coptic Orthodox Church, this sweet Arabic-speaking woman taught herself how to bake and opened a successful small business selling home-baked cookies.

NextStop Theater performs “An Act of God” featuring Asian actors

The idea of seeing the role of the creator of the universe assigned to an Asian actor was too special to pass up. This editorial features quotes from actor Jacob Yeh and director Tuyet Thi Pham.

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