Trouble with my Elevator Speech

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A person who writes a book has a unique vision of what they’re trying to accomplish in writing. It’s more than just an artistic endeavor – – it’s a statement about something that lies in the recesses of the heart. The person who has a book project in mind sets forth a lot of effort to put words on paper (or on the computer screen) as quickly as their hands permit.

The feeling of writing a book and putting the finishing touches on a project that has taken hours upon hours of work to complete is unlike any other in the world. It is a wonderful vision to think about writing a book. It is an accomplishment of steel strength to put the pen down (or stop typing) and proclaim that you’re done.

You would think the hardest part about writing a book is the actual writing. I guess for many people whose words may not come so easily, that may be true. For me, that has never been the problem. I’ve had a book in my heart since I was very young. Lack of time is a problem for me – – never lack of imagination or words.

However, none of that lights a candle to the bigger issue that has eaten me up and caused me restless nights where I’m tossing and turning, trying to formulate a good response when I should have been focusing on deep slumber.

Are you ready for it? See the picture on this page, and you might chuckle a bit, but the struggle is real.

What is your book about?

How can one single sentence cause so much stress? When I speak with other people who have written books, I expect a fully formulated reply that gives me the nitty gritty in one concise sentence. Yet, I can’t seem to do the same for myself.

Probably because I am so intimately wedded to my own project, it is harder for me to distill my hard work and efforts and weeks of blood, sweat, and tears into a singular sentence that doesn’t remotely consider the peaks and valleys of everything I’ve chosen to include in my book.

It is tough for me to come up with one concise statement of “what my book is about.” Next week, I’ll get more into my issues.

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