Time to celebrate 2023

Happy 2023 – time to rejoice! It has been a full two years since I’ve last updated the Socci Books blog. I can honestly say my life has radically changed since then. Despite my new lifestyle, my creative and professional projects remain the same, if not better. As a working mother of two girls, I constantly […]

A new website design !

There has been a lot going on with the Socci family in 2021. For the most part, probably 80% of our work has been dedicated writing, research, and fact-checking involved with Amanda’s debut narrative nonfiction book. However, we’ve also tried hard to get the website looking pretty. THAT has been a job in and of […]

Experimenting with E-newsletters

So this is something we had been struggling with for so long – e-newsletters. You would think it’s a straightforward thing, but it’s not. People who sell products or services or want to make announcements, like we do, have tons of choices when it comes to electronic newsletter mail programs.

New Acronyms and General Updates

Happy Christopher Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day! However you choose to remember this special day in our nation’s history, we hope you are enjoying yourself and celebrating the unseasonable warmth of October before Halloween comes upon us. Here at Socci Books, we’ve been a busy family of four working diligently to advance our book […]

So many updates! Titles, Descriptions. Book Covers

We are often apt to get frustrated because things are not going as quickly as we hope. The fire to write our second book came up on August 18. Today is now September 19. A full month has passed and barely any writing has been done. It seems there are tons of interruptions all the […]

Serious Website Revamp

In the last few days, we spent the bulk of our time working with WordPress to find another theme and customize as many things as possible, despite our limited technical knowledge. When we first launched this website on April 5, we chose a very basic, serene theme to fit our needs. In case you saw […]