New Acronyms and General Updates

CWJ = (1)

Happy Christopher Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day! However you choose to remember this special day in our nation’s history, we hope you are enjoying yourself and celebrating the unseasonable warmth of October before Halloween comes upon us. Here at Socci Books, we’ve been a busy family of four working diligently to advance our book writing and publishing plans.

The last two weeks has seen us doing work on a lot of administrative things. In an effort to improve the organization of the content we create and the writing we do (two separate things, by the way), we decided to work on an interesting social media technique we learned about several years ago and only just now implemented: scheduling social media posts! Have you heard of that? Do you do it for your own social media?

For a long time, we were familiar with the idea of scheduling social media posts, but we were against it. For many, many years, we were convinced that real-time social media comments, posts, and interactions were the key to establishing, building, and especially maintaining relationships with people across social media platforms.

That might be true, but that approach probably comes at a cost of sacrificing in-person relationships with your own family and friends and work colleagues to spend countless unpaid hours behind a computer screen.

After doing it like this and practically being wedded to this concept for so many years, we’ve decided to dip our toes of curiosity into the plan to write and schedule social media and blog posts. And you know what? We kind of like it! We are trying to come up with ingenious new ways to stay connected with our audience and still stay relevant in the rapidly changing stratosphere of the Internet. Scheduling seems to work for us, so we’re sticking with it!

Other administrative things we’ve been working on has been active thoughts and plans to create a legal entity to do our own publishing and a possible fundraiser to raise funds to fulfill our self-publishing goals. We also had a family meeting recently to make sure our daughters know what we are doing and are in full agreement of them letting us use their names and images associated with everything we do.

We’ve also been spending extra time designing some interesting art in Canva, hoping to lend a more professional appearance to things we do. We used our newfound Canva style to change the cover for our Facebook and Twitter social media accounts.

Of course, the inspiration and writing doesn’t end there. A recent wave of creative ideas came across Amanda and engulfed her, causing her to create a third new book project idea. You will see that listed in the widget area on the right-hand side of our website. To keep things up-to-date and easier for our readers to understand and follow along, we will now use acronyms in our blog post titles moving forward.

While Amanda’s faith-based memoir is on hold temporarily, she will be focusing her attention on her two current book projects: “Conflicted with Joy” and her newest and latest, “Black Voices in Metro D.C.” Please follow along with our progress by noting CWJ for Conflicted With Joy and BV for Black Voices in Metro D.C.

Hooray for the Socci family for accomplishing many administrative things recently!

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