So many updates! Titles, Descriptions. Book Covers


We are often apt to get frustrated because things are not going as quickly as we hope. The fire to write our second book came up on August 18. Today is now September 19. A full month has passed and barely any writing has been done. It seems there are tons of interruptions all the time.

Generally, it could be a month or longer before we are able to work one of our manuscripts. Aah, pandemic life has been a great challenge. All of us are eating more and producing more clutter and dirt that needs to be cleaned up and put away. Domestic chores and responsibilities have surely gotten in the way, but they have not dampened our spirits for the written word one bit.

Amanda has been quietly at work on both of her manuscripts, paying close attention to her narrative nonfiction book. Today has been a particularly important day as Amanda managed to upload two book covers for her manuscripts in progress as well as detailed descriptions of both.

It’s pretty exhilarating to be able to reveal working titles for both books. It’s also incredibly satisfying to have created mockups for both books. If we put at least a placeholder of an image for a book that we’re working on, it makes it all seem more real and special.

Another thing we did was to refresh the categories for all blog posts. By adding new categories including: faith-based memoir and conflicted with joy, readers will be able to distinguish our different book writing projects more easily.

We are pleased as punch to be able to finally provide our readers and fans with some hearty updates. We welcome your input and comments at any time. We want to hear from you.

  • Do you like the two books we’re working on?
  • Do you think you may want to read the books based on the descriptions provided?
  • Does it interest you enough to want to buy our books?
  • Is there anything else you want to know about our book projects?

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