Happy 2023 – time to rejoice!

It has been a full two years since I’ve last updated the Socci Books blog. I can honestly say my life has radically changed since then. Despite my new lifestyle, my creative and professional projects remain the same, if not better. As a working mother of two girls, I constantly juggle the demands of my job along with trying to make dinner, wash laundry, pay the bills, go through my stacks of unread postal mail, and check e-mails. That’s not even counting my social media updates and the desires of my heart.

I think my absence away from the blog is okay. I needed time to think about my life, “find” myself, and reestablish an identity that was all my own. After several months of being in darkness, I can confidently say I see light at the end of the tunnel, and boy is it beautiful! As you can see, I made some radical changes to the Socci Books website. I removed my family altogether because my publishing hopes with them did not come to fruition. Instead, I’m focusing full throttle on my own writing and publishing projects.

As time permits, as always, I will add more updates. In the meantime, I ask that you consider supporting me with your follows and interactions on my new social media platform: Ko-fi.