Time to celebrate 2023

Happy 2023 – time to rejoice! It has been a full two years since I’ve last updated the Socci Books blog. I can honestly say my life has radically changed since then. Despite my new lifestyle, my creative and professional projects remain the same, if not better. As a working mother of two girls, I constantly […]

Working on Editing

So what have we been working on in the last month? Ever since we finished the original writing portion of our book back on August 6, 2021, we’ve been busy at work with the editing. When a person edits a book, there are generally three levels of editing that should be done in a specific […]

It’s time to celebrate!

I’ve waited more than 30 years to say this… After dreaming about writing a book and publishing it, praise God, that day has finally arrived! As of 6:00 a.m. on August 6, 2020, I’ve finished the “original writing” aspect of writing my debut book. I specialize in nonfiction and love facts. I also love working […]

Public perception of the term “dance mom”

Last week, I spoke about the public’s perception of the terms “dance moms,” which most people connect with the t.v. reality show starring Abby Lee Miller, and “dance mom,” which people still seem to associate with the show and identify stereotypically as an aggressive parent who pushes their child to do more and more dance […]

What is a Dance Mom?

Abby Lee Miller and “Dance Moms” Do you remember the t.v. reality show “Dance Moms” which ran from 2011 – 2019? This was a memorable show that followed the sometimes fictional drama rising up between Abby Lee Miller, the owner of a dance studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and her students. The scenes that showed actual […]

What is your book about? It’s about history.

If you read my post from Monday, you would have seen that I’m having a tough time coming up with a succinct elevator speech that describes exactly what my book is about. They say you’re supposed to be able to tell your story in 30 seconds or less in such a way that the person […]

What is your book about? It’s about dance.

So what is my book about? Hmmm. That is a loaded question for several reasons. Did you catch my post from last week? It’s just hard to give you one simple sentence when there is so much involved. When I first started working on “Conflicted with Joy,” my original goal was to write exclusively ABOUT […]

Trouble with my Elevator Speech

A person who writes a book has a unique vision of what they’re trying to accomplish in writing. It’s more than just an artistic endeavor – – it’s a statement about something that lies in the recesses of the heart. The person who has a book project in mind sets forth a lot of effort […]

The Pandemic took away the Salad Bar

Last week, our oldest daughter had get-togethers scheduled with her former dance classmates from Joy of Motion Dance Center. The last time our daughter saw any of her classmates was in March 2020. It was really a lovely time to see her former classmates-turned-friends as it had been around 1.5 years since they had seen […]

All about Publishing

Writing a book is probably the easiest of the tasks associated with its publication. The person who writes the book has a lot of serious considerations to think about. Once the book is written, how do you go about publishing it? Do you follow the traditional route by submitting your manuscript with a major publisher […]