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Writing a book is probably the easiest of the tasks associated with its publication. The person who writes the book has a lot of serious considerations to think about. Once the book is written, how do you go about publishing it? Do you follow the traditional route by submitting your manuscript with a major publisher and paying someone else to handle all aspects of publishing your book? Or do you take the bull by the horn and handle everything on your own by self-publishing?

If you ask this question to 100 people, I guarantee you’ll get 100 different answers. The truth is: there is not one correct answer and there isn’t a single way of doing things. The whole beauty of writing a book and publishing it is that you, the book author, have plenty of choices. There are tons of people who might feel bewildered by the process and need extra guidance. Perhaps those people prefer to stick with the art of writing a book and prefer to pay a company or service to market it.

Perhaps some people who write a book may feel happier being in full control of the way their book reads and how it looks. Those people may have unique ideas on how to market their book in ways that diverge from what a traditional publisher might do.

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