Spending two weeks solid on the Introduction

May 9 blog

I sort of do feel bad for not updating this website or the accompanying Instagram profile more frequently. I’m well aware of how unforgiving social media is. If you’re not in peoples’ faces constantly, they quickly and easily forget about you. I totally get it. It has been said over and over that people lose interest in a second because there are so many other things clamoring for peoples’ attention.

Advances in technology has surely made things faster and better, but it has also damaged peoples’ ability to distinguish quality from junky. People watch incessant videos all day long. And if they’re not doing it, they spend an inordinate amount of time forwarding useless memes and junk to everyone in their network. Some of the stuff I catch my daughters watching on YouTube or TikTok is downright ridiculous. Who is going to waste their time scrolling through drivel? The answer is something I don’t want to hear, but I’m keenly aware of.

I really do not want to be part of the sludge that takes people exactly thirty seconds to create and upload. I know I have that option, but it’s just not my style. I’d much rather sit on something for weeks on end, risking people may lose interest in my work, just to ensure I’m creating and delivering a quality product.

To that end, I’m extremely pleased to say that I’ve been utterly diligent, devoted, and dedicated working on my introduction to my first book. I ended up changing the title around several times and finally fixed upon something I like and suits me.

My first book, as I’ve written before, is a memoir. I’m focusing on select memories or episodes of my life that were problematic. I’m writing about bad things that happened to me, but sealing the deal with the conclusion that faith heals all.

You can call this a faith-based memoir.

Spending two weeks on the introduction appears to be an obnoxiously long time to spend on anything, but just know I’m being cautious and deliberate with my time. While it’s true that quarantine time has afforded all of us boatloads of extra time, I’m still a mother first, a housecleaner-domestic-chore-goddess second, and a writer, unfortunately, last.

Most of my every day is filled with motherly activities to continue feeding my family, helping out with Internet distance learning, and keeping up with the new style of rotating dishes and snacks and foods up to wazoo.

Because of this crazy new pandemic schedule of mine, I’ve had to make changes to my writing schedule if I ever want to publish this book! I started changing the way I write and especially, my timing. Now, each day, I wake up with the chickens at mind-boggling dark hours and start to tap into my computer while drinking straws prop up my eyelids.

Not so easy to do this, but I’m doing it. The determination I have is solid. As a result, I can say I’m starting to advance with my writing goals. The introduction is coming along well!

Thanks so much for your patience. I hope to deliver a quality book in time.

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