Celebrating the Concept of “Short Books”

Amanda had been swishing around the idea of writing a book and publishing it for a long time, sort of like minty mouthwash that makes you feel clean and fresh. It was but a dormant dream. The rest of us also eyed book writing and publication, but didn’t really do much about it.

So many updates! Titles, Descriptions. Book Covers

We are often apt to get frustrated because things are not going as quickly as we hope. The fire to write our second book came up on August 18. Today is now September 19. A full month has passed and barely any writing has been done. It seems there are tons of interruptions all the […]

New Book Writing Project Underway

We can barely believe all that has transpired in the last 2.5 weeks. If you read our blog post from August 20, you would have seen that we decided to change our plans abruptly. We were already in progress on writing our debut book, a faith-based memoir, but then, personal things started happening and those […]

Abrupt Change in Plans

In a move that makes no sense to anyone except Amanda, Amanda decided to briefly pause work on her current manuscript to shift gears and focus her attention on a separate project that has captured her attention.

Serious Website Revamp

In the last few days, we spent the bulk of our time working with WordPress to find another theme and customize as many things as possible, despite our limited technical knowledge. When we first launched this website on April 5, we chose a very basic, serene theme to fit our needs. In case you saw […]

Follow Us!

Socci Books is unlike anything you may have seen. We are a family of four: mom, dad, two girls, who are all creative and entrepreneurial in unique ways. Each of us has distinct interests and we want to write about what inspires us. While life is going on, we will grab moments here and there […]

Guess what? I’m not related to a Dictator after all. Hooray!

On day ten, which was yesterday, I wrote the final punctuation of my faith story involving my Latino and “Italian” heritages. I can hardly believe I had started off simply, and with great devotion, pushed through and managed to flesh out a full-scale memory of the entire landscape of my cultural identity. On paper, I […]

The Cringe Factor is a Useful Tool

The more I take away from my book, the clearer I’m seeing my book come to life.  It is like peeling carrots, cutting off the useless ends, washing the carrots, cutting them finely once again, and starting  the process of cooking them. I’ve been doing a good job of shaving off the peels of faith […]

Old Stories, new Titles

I am continuing on my path of reviewing faith stories I had written back in 2012. I love reliving my past perspectives. Everything I wrote belongs in a unique time capsule because it is filled with ideas and emotions that are no longer a part of my life.

Clarifying my Book Plan Vision

Progress on my faith-based memoir has been a bit strange for the last two weeks. I noticed I’ve done less writing and more editing than usual. Up until then, I had been on a roll, making consistent progress and doing a LOT of original writing. I did soft editing at that time only to tie […]