New Book Writing Project Underway

We can barely believe all that has transpired in the last 2.5 weeks. If you read our blog post from August 20, you would have seen that we decided to change our plans abruptly. We were already in progress on writing our debut book, a faith-based memoir, but then, personal things started happening and those events caused inspiration for a new book.

Amanda has been brave about this whole thing because it has involved so much personal emotion. With this newest book project, Amanda has decided to write about a real local business, a dance studio with locations in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. What is interesting about this experience is that Amanda had no intention of writing this second book. It just came about naturally as a result of events unfolding at a rapid pace and not really having a proper outlet to address the concerns in a more formal, journalistic way.

Now that local newspapers and magazines have stated they are not interested in Amanda’s idea for a breaking news story, Amanda felt it was probably divine intervention that inspired her to tell her own story her way.

Amanda has already started working on the manuscript itself and spent ample time planning and writing notes. This is a book unlike her faith-based memoir. This new book project is destined to be a narrative nonfiction book, which is still a truthful book with honest, factual details about the dance studio, but also contains extra narrative and points of view from the author herself.

Amanda is shaping this book from a mother’s point of view. What did this dance studio mean to Amanda? Why was it so important? Why did Amanda take it so personally when certain recent events took place? What was it about this studio that was magical?

These are just a fraction of the questions Amanda is addressing in her new book. As she continues to lay the groundwork for her writing, Amanda hopes to be able to tell her story in a way that is well-rounded and contains accurate, historical information as well as a bird’s eye perspective on how it all affected Amanda’s family.

Believe it or not, Amanda also came up with a draft working title and asked a professional to design the cover already. None of it makes any logical sense, but to a passionate person like Amanda, it all fits in within her line of creative vision.

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