Old Stories, new Titles


I am continuing on my path of reviewing faith stories I had written back in 2012. I love reliving my past perspectives. Everything I wrote belongs in a unique time capsule because it is filled with ideas and emotions that are no longer a part of my life.

I was reading this one blog post I wrote “God’s really good blockage,” and I read where I spent upwards of four paragraphs describing in great detail what I meant by blockage. I remember the metaphor of comparing the blockage of constipation with other blockages in life. That feeling is still something I feel today.

I truly and sincerely feel that God blocks me (and others) from doing things. In my opinion, God’s blockages do not affect free will. We still have free will to pursue our interests or desires, no matter how stupid or foolish. But sometimes, despite our individual choices, God simply does not want us to live our lives in a certain path, so he does ingenuous things to block what we want. I absolutely feel that is the truth and it works wonders in my life.

In this blog post where I read so much detail about the blockages and got past the introduction, I came up to the heart of the matter, which centered around business. I finally remembered what the blog post was about, how I felt about things, and why I chose that to be a faith story. I ended up scrapping the title altogether and giving it a different title that better reflected its subject matter.

The rereading process has been fulfilling. I feel like I’m ironing out this ball of raw dough, trying to knead and roll it out into a pliable material. Ultimately, the pizza that is coming out of this dough is my book. I’m still a long way off from having a completed book, but I love the progress I’m making so far.

Here’s a snapshot of my old language with a new title.

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