A Slight Setback in CWJ

On September 18, 2020, Amanda was honored with a very important phone call that lasted two hours. Amanda wrote a detailed blog post about this incredible experience and waited almost three months before publishing it. To this day, that juicy and beautiful blog post remains unpublished. The person with whom Amanda had this great conversation […]

So many updates! Titles, Descriptions. Book Covers

We are often apt to get frustrated because things are not going as quickly as we hope. The fire to write our second book came up on August 18. Today is now September 19. A full month has passed and barely any writing has been done. It seems there are tons of interruptions all the […]

Spending two weeks solid on the Introduction

I sort of do feel bad for not updating this website or the accompanying Instagram profile more frequently. I’m well aware of how unforgiving social media is. If you’re not in peoples’ faces constantly, they quickly and easily forget about you. I totally get it. It has been said over and over that people lose […]